About me

Hello and welcome to my shop! :) My name is Aaron, I am the designer and maker of all of my items that you see here and on my other selling platforms. (naaron88) As a former electronics technician, working with machines and designing came naturally to me when I started making my own miniature items. I've also had a strong artistic side since childhood, I like to draw and nowadays I also do oil paintings. Miniature model making embodies both art and technology, and that makes it one of the most exciting ways for me to express myself. I started more than 8 years ago with just one product, with the never-ending passion to offer my customers more and better. This mentality has pushed me to develop myself and overcome many challenges, which I really enjoy. To increase my motivation, I kept looking back at the thousands of positive feedbacks that were given to me. Seeing all the smiles and joy I've given others makes every step truly worthwhile. All of my previous buyers on auction sites paved the way for me to finally open my first standalone shop, for which I am eternally grateful! :) Another passion I have is helping humanity and the planet by doing business in the most environmentally responsible way. I spent a lot of time developing a workable postal packaging solution that was strong, good looking and environmentally friendly, and ended up designing and manufacturing a whole fleet of boxes from recycled cardboard. Lastly, if you are looking for custom made products, I can do that for you if larger quantities are needed. If so, please don't hesitate to contact me. Wholesale inquiries are also welcome! :)

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Thank you for your time, and wish you happy model building! :)

Kind regards, Aaron